The Secrets of the Sequence video series offers an innovative way for teachers to incorporate astounding advances in the life sciences from gene research into their teaching.
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With initial funding from the Pfizer Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences, VCU has assembled more than 50 of the best videos from the public television series Secrets of the Sequence to assist teachers in the application of genetic research across the biology curriculum. Funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has allowed for the creation of additional videos, which are also included on this site.

Help your students

The Secrets of the Sequence video series is designed to help students:

  • Understand the relevance of scientific discovery by studying new advances in the life sciences
  • Explore the scientific and ethical implications of genetic research
  • Become enthusiastic about science and science careers
  • Develop critical thinking skills and make sound decisions

Classroom friendly format

Each 8- to 10-minute video is focused on a particular biology topic, ensuring time for classroom activities and discussions.

Easy to use lessons available online

Stream or download the videos. All 50+ videos have an accompanying classroom-tested lesson that encourages students to further explore the video topics. Each lesson includes background information, state and national science standards, discussion questions and answers, teacher notes and an activity that will ensure a hands-on, “minds-on” experience.